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While trying to narrow down my choices for a digital camera, another intriguing question has popped up during my research; CCD size.

I've already decided that 3MP and 3X optical zoomwill suffice for my purposes (although I'd go higher is the price were in the ballpark), and I'd also like to have manual controls for future growth. I also understand that lens size can impact performance, but what's this talk about CCD's?

I've seen comments like "the CCD is only X," but as a novice, I have no clue what this means, what benefits it might provide, or what to even look for.

What kind of short list would you put together for a camera under $400 (MSRP) that has thebest combination of"good glass," manual controls, the right CCD spec's, above average mechanical speed, and excellent picture quality?

As a metric, I've been considering the Canon A70, A75 and S45, but I'm sure there are equivalent cameras from other manufacturers.


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I had the same question, raised it in this thread in the general forum - http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...amp;forum_id=2

Steve put in a very helpful chart. Most of the newer units have a 1/1.8" CCD, which is larger, and better (other things being equal) than the 1/2.5" CCD. The A80, for example, has the 1.8, while the A75 has a 2.5 - not as good.

In that regard, I'm also shopping, have a $400 limit, and suggest that for enlargements and cropping you could kick up that 3mp to 4mp. So, on my final list are the: Canon A80, Kodak CX7440 (see Kodak U.S. page on this exciting looking unit), Sony W1 and Sony P100. The last 3 of these should be out anytime now, and all of these range in price from $350 to $400 retail.

Find a thread in this section on A75, and you'll see comments from a fellow in England, also shopping, who returned his A75 - quite disappointed.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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