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Danny Evans Dec 30, 2002 2:56 AM

"Change the batteries" on new A200

I just bought my wife a new Canon A200. Unpacked it and put in a set of AA alkalines. All fine - set up the date etc, formatted the CF card then tried to start the camera to take a photo. Message - "Change the batteries". Replaced them with another set of alkalines. Same message!!!

Am I doing some thing wrong? Is there a trick to using a Canon?
I own a Nikon CP 4500 and have no problems, except of course, how to take GOOD pictures.

Any help would be appreciated.
Danny Evans
**Old but still learning!** :(

Mister_two Dec 30, 2002 9:50 AM

I had no problems with the batteries that came with the A200. Other than the fact that they didn't last very long. But I was still able to take about 15-20 shots (most of them with flash) before the batteries ran out. I did everything you did except format the CF card. My CF card was new so I just insert the batteries, set the clock and started snapping away. I quickly went to buy NIMH rechargeable batteries.

rimbo Dec 30, 2002 6:58 PM

"Change the batteries" on new A200
I also used alkaline batteries in my A40 and had no problems except they only lasted a few days. I now own a set of 4 NiMH rechargable ones. You will save yourself a lot of money in the long term by getting a set. Were the alkalines new, were the contacts clean? What about the voltage rating on them, where you using them in a cold environment? These are just some of the things these batteries don't like.

Rimbo :)

Danny Evans Dec 31, 2002 3:24 AM

Change the batteries on A200
Thanks for the replies people,
I was too eager to get her camera up and running to wait for a decent set of batts.
I now own a set of 4 Powerex 1850mAh and a Maha 204 charger.
The camera works fine and the other alkalines are in the bin!!
Danny Evans
***Old but still learning***

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