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Default Cold Weather Question

Hello All,
I'm using a Canon sx20is which I've had since March of 2010. I had one cold weather adventure (30's - F) last winter with no issue using older Duracell rechargeable batteries. All through this past summer I had no battery issues.

Two months ago I purchased 8 SANYO eneloop's to replace my aging Duracell's. On my first cold weather outing (October 9,2010, mid 20's-F) using the eneloop's the first 4 died within an hour. I quickly replaced those with the second set of four (fresh out of the package - they come pre-charged) only to find they were nearly dead minutes later.

After that I recharged the eneloop's and used them in several warmer environments, 40's (F) plus with no issues. I was getting 3 long days out of a set of four before I'd even think about recharging.

To prepare for yesterday (November 27, 2010) I charged all 8 of my eneloop's the night before. Within one hour, in temps around 20 (F) the first set of four were nearly dead. When I switched to my back up four and they were already dead. I ended up using a set of Energizer Lithium's for the rest of the day.

Could it be my Canon sx20is? Canon's website claims the sx20is has a temp range between 32 - 104 (F). I've used other camera's that have that range as well, as low as 0 (F) and done very well.

Could it be I got a bum bunch of eneloop's (bought via Amazon)?

Thanks in advance for your thought,

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You need to keep the batteries warm. When not shooting with your camera hold it so that your hand covers the part of the camera where the batteries are to keep them as warm as possible. If you use a neck strap and wear a coat maybe pop you camera inside your coat if you aren't going to shoot for a while. Try keeping your spare set of batteries in your trouser pocket.
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