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joncook Mar 17, 2004 9:55 AM

Compare S30 owned with Pro 1 wanted
I struggle with the upgrade mentality of digital camera producers - and of reviewers. The comparisons they make seem typically to me to be between items newly or recently available - and typically not to be in the realms of our consumer reality: that is, for example, joncook has owned a Canon S30 for three years; loves it; but is ready for a serious upgrade in quality terms - but only if the picture the upgrade-camera takes is superior to the one the S30 takes.

But how can I know? What advice can I get to suggest the probabilities? No website with DC reviews offers a direct quality comparison betwen the outdated (but real - I own it!) S30 and the very new Powershot Pro 1. Yet isn't that the kind of comparison I need, surely? My question comes down to this: how much better picture will the new Pro 1 take than my S30? The pixel difference is obvious; the picture quality difference is nebulous.

I think Steve offers superb analyses and reviews on his site. But my my bottom-line question remains unanswered. And no other site answers it either.

But I'll bet my bottom dollar that just about every current DC owner would like a source to direct answers to my question - whether it be about a direct comparison in picture quality betwen the S30 and Pro 1, or the A40 and G5 .... or whatever. The issue is this: how does the consuler compare the camera he/she already owns, and the newer, brighter one he/she wants. The issue is not about comparing current commercial or wish-list models - since these eliminate the reality of what we already own!

A long gripe. Sorry. My question still unanswered remains: how much better picture will my wish-list Pro 1 take than my reality S30?

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