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My mind is essentially made up to purchase a new Canon A620 as a replacemnt for my recently deceased A20. I ordered a new 2GB hi-speed SD card for $108 (after $30 rebate). My local Costco ($344 plus 2% back) is closed today, so I have time to look at other things for the A620.

I am an old SLR photographer. Back in the day, I would never consider using a lens on any camera without at least a UV haze filter. I never worried about that with my A20. In fact one of the things I enjoyed about my A20 was I could carry it without having to carry a bag with other lens, flash, 35mm film, etc. I happen to notice a lens adapter is available for the A620. Canon makes a plastic one & I found another site which uses spun aluminum. The latter comes in two sizes: 52 & 58mm for other filters and lens. So my first question is why? I'm wondering how many of you use the filters or the wide/telephoto lens?

Amazon sells something called soft Canon case. Long gone is the day of thick molded leather cases. I noticed another thread addressing which case? In the 3-4 years of using my A20, I stopped using a case 3 years ago when it disappearred on a trip to Japan. Despite that, the camera withstood the rigors of being banged around and shows only a few tiny scratches. I have to reread the case thread.

I used to use a large Honeywell flash. I just grabbed it. Yikes, the D cells leaked. I hate that. Anyhow, I notice there is an external flash unit for the A620. My old Nikon had a hot shoe mounted flash, but I still preferred the Honeywell. So this question concerns the Canon flash. Is it sufficient or are there better external flash units available. But then that refers back to the thre letter word: Why? Think back, I always found using no flash on the A20 was better than using it. I was at Yellowstone a couple years ago. We had missed seeing any grizzly bears until we were travelling back to our motel. Several miles outside the park were a couple of cars stopped. So we did too. About 50 feet away we could see a glizzly bear eating out of a garbage can. I took a shot & the only thing I got were two red eyes. This scared the bear away. To flash or not to flash, that is the question... I got a perfect picture earlier of a wolf inside the park.

A friend of mine just got me into viewing his web cam. Not bad. I was wondering if the A620 could be used as a web cam via the USB cable to my laptop?

Anyhow, that's all I can think of. If anyone can think of an accessory I missed and perhaps should have, please let me know. So for now, I'll just continue reading the forum threads. If any of you know any other good web sites or forums for the A620 or digital photography, please let me know. Thanks.
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