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Default cp-100 supplies - what and where to buy?

I've got a Canon S30 Powershot and I love it. I'm upgrading the CF card soon so I can hold even more pictures.

I'm considering the purchase of the CP-100 (http://www.steves-digicams.com/2002_reviews/cp100.html) printer. However, something that Steve's doesn't offer is information on what kind of paper and ink to purchase and where to find the best prices on these supplies.

Can anyone help me out here? Does anyone own a CP-100?

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The Cp-100 is a dye sub printer and like -all- dye sub printers it uses proprietary paper and ribbons. Wherever you buy the Cp-100 they will be able to supply the paper and ribbon kits. A dye sub is not like an inkjet where you can use different papers and inks.

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Thanks for your help!
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I'll offer my two cents...

I just picked up a CP-10 instead of the CP-100 because I really wanted the smaller size of the CP-10. I travel often, and with only one carry-on bag, and every square inch of my bag is crucial.

I was told by my dealer (and I suspect wrongly) that with the CP-100 you cannot change from one size to the other until the ink cartridge is finished. After using my CP-10 for the last 10 days in a trip to Asia, I really think that couldn't be true. And I haven't seen a CP-100 in the flesh yet, so it may not be THAT much larger than the CP-10, but as I said, for me every inch counts. And if I want larger than credit-size prints, I'll either wait until I get home to a REAL printer or go to a service bureau while travelling and have them print what I want.

What I did find out that surprised me a lot was that the media used by the CP-100 and CP-10 is priced very differently. Talking about the 36 print quantity of credit-card paper and ink, the paper for the CP-10 was 150 Hong Kong dollars and the same thing for the CP-100 was only 100 HKD. That'a whopping difference!

I still don't regret my purchase, because as I said, size was my primary concern. And the quality of the prints is very very nice.

I just wish that the power requirements for the CP-10 had been the same as for my G2 (or S230) because for this trip I had to carry THREE different power packs... one for the G2, one for the S230 and one for the S230. Not to mention one for my Palm and one for my mobile phone. THAT was annoying.

In any case, as others have said, you don't have any choice of media... only the specific Canon product will work for you.

Hope this is of help...

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