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Default D-10 W/16-35mm, focus problems

I'm looking for anyone who has this camera combination who can help shed some light on this issue. I took the camera on a trip and when I came back and was able to scrutinize the images on a computer screen, I realized most, if not all the wide angle shots seemed a bit soft. Mostly outside/day with 250-1000 speeds, and even stoped down aperatures..... at full resolution, and the least compression..... no reason for not having eye popping sharp images. I sent the camera and lens to cannon, and just got it back today. Supposebly they made an adjustment, and updated the firmware. I made some tests right away, and it looks like the same thing is happening. If I zoom in, auto focus, then pull back wide the image is good and sharp. If I auto focus in the wide position, then zoom in on the area focused on, it will invariably be soft, and indeed, the image produced when focused from the 16mm size looks soft. I've checked the focus position, and its in the middle where I use it. I thought maybe it was focusing somewhere I didn't intend, but actually in the full wide, I can look around the image on the computer, and not find anywhere in the multiplaned image that looks sharp. When I zoom in after auto focus in the wide position to look for where in the frame is sharp, its as if it has focused past infinite, so nothing is in focus. Its all subtle since this wide a lens can fool you, when most everthing would usually be in focus.
Anybody out there have this lens, and camera with any idea's other than don't use the auto focus...... but this is supposedly the state of the art?????? Canon's warrenty repair was a joke, they seemed to have done nothing, and made no comments. Oh, and one more issue... in play back the image first comes up soft, and then pops into focus after about a second or two..... am I crazy or is this not an acceptable trait? Thanks, ER
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I can make a few comments, but none from personal experience.

I have never heard of either Canon's or Nikon's warrenty repair saying exactly what they did. Maybe it happens and people just don't mention it? It's possible. So being told that they upgraded the firmware (standard operating procedure) and made "adjustments" is about par for the course. The probably also cleaned the lens (inside and out) and the camera.

As to the focusing issue. I do not have that lens (I'd like to) but I do have that body. There has been a spate of 10D focusing problems, but in the grand scheme of things it's rather small. If you look around on this forum (in the Canon EOS Digital SLR section) you'll see several posts by me going into rather deep detail about the problem. I'd rather not waste my time writing it all over again. It takes time and I do this for fun in my spare time.... I hope you understand.

Here are a few links:

The end of this thread:
has some links which might be educational. They'll help you learn enough to talk with Canon about AF clearly and in language they will understand. It should help get them to take you more seriously.

One thing to realize about AF and lenses is that it can focus correctly at one mm setting, but incorrectly at another. The fault could be in the lens, the camera or in their interaction. It seems very odd that nothing would be in focus. Normally the focus problems are that it focuses before or in front of the target.

I could write more, but I should get to sleep.

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