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kelt36 Jun 15, 2003 9:24 PM

D30 10D compared
I'm considering a 10D, and I'm no expert at inspecting photographs for all the minutia, but as I have looked at some sample pics from some web sites (including this one)...I always find that I am more impressed with the sample pics shot by a D30...they seem crisp and they just seem to pop with no visible grain. I've seen these shots on the luminous landscape web site on lens reviews shot with a D30. Then I look at 10D reviews/samples and the photographs just seem...plain.

Is there any reason to think that a 10D lacks something in terms of it's ability to capture a truly tack sharp image? I know the camera itself has better/faster focusing along with some other features, but in terms of just straight image capturing ability- is it lacking in some way when compared to the D30 (or even the D60)??


eric s Jun 15, 2003 10:36 PM

There is nothing inherent in the 10D that prevents tack sharp pictures.

All cameras require some level of post processing. It is impossible to rightly compare two pictures from two different cameras without knowing how they were edited. If you look on or the forums at you'll have some very good sharp examples of output from the 10D.

eric s Jun 15, 2003 10:40 PM

Oh, I wanted to add that I have heard other people compare the output of the D30 as being more saturated. That out of the box, the colors have a more viberant, saturated look.

You can, of course, simulate this from within photoshop, making either camera produce images which like the "default images" of the other.

Also, without knowing the settings in the camera, its also hard to compare the pictures. You can dial up or down the sharpening (many turn it up) in the 10D to match the sharper output of the D30. Others find that there are better ways of sharpening within photoshop, and therefor don't increase it in-camera.

[email protected] Jun 16, 2003 9:07 AM

You can adjust the sharpness with the camera using the menu setting, I prefer to do this adjustment in my photoshop 7.0. There is no problem with the canon 10D on the sharpness issue. Don't just print the picture right off of the camera without post processing if you want to be happy with your results. This is what digital photography is all about.

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