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freestonew Aug 27, 2007 8:28 AM


hi all.

oh Dear!

my wonderful a610 powershot died, a few days ago! died in the middle of shooting, now it is a "brick"!

[I got it to power down by taking batteries out, then doing a few "things' to it, but then i cannot power it back up again. no sign of life anywheres, even with new batteries, and i did get it to power up, then i could not get the power to shut off! so now it sits with the lens open, the only way to shut it off was to remove the batteries!]

should I try the "shipping back to canon", or should I just buy the now cheaper a620..a630..a640?!

two months left of warrentry.

a "cult" camera for sure, but I notice that in the Amazon reviews that there are a *LOT* of people who have had this camera die long long before even six months have gone by, of use! And not all from the "e18 error" either!

I note that the a 620...a630..a640 have practically NO people saying that they had problems with their models. Even though there are a few less people reviewing, a new series of camera, the ratio is astonishing: maybe the a610 was the "beta release' of the a600 series!!

The prices have gone down down down, on the 20s...30s..40s, even.


what to do, should i confront the shipping "slot machine" and pay the $20..30 for shipping back to canon warrentry center, and see if they will fix this under warrentry, and maybe wait the month, only to maybe have this happen again; or should I just buy one of the newer versions of the 600 series from a local storeand then get a Protection plan to go with this? Is the upgrade to the a620..a630..a640, thus, worth it?! And...*which* model should I then buy, if i go that route?

I will use this camera for pictures, of course, but also for video clips. has a very good site with real good resolutions on the videos, makes my a610 have near-professional looking video quality.

I have read that the a620 should not be bought, as the sensor is the same size for a larger megapixel-field. but that the 630 and the 640 have a larger sensor.

I see, now, sales of $200, or so, for the 30s and 40s.

So please, someone comment on my small delemma, and give their advice.

thank you.....freestone wilson

SarahM Sep 1, 2007 10:47 PM

A640 have a better video than A630.

But personally, I'd sugested you to wait a month for the new A650

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