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I tried doing a search for this topic but couldn't find what I was looking for. If there is one, a link would be much appreciated.

What's the difference between the 'A' and 'SD' series of Canon cameras? Is one line typically viewed as 'higher end' than the other? From what little research I've done, it seems like the primary differences are the general shape, manual controls and types of batteries they take. The SD models seem to be pocket-friendly, point-and-shoot cameras, whereas the A models seem to be geared towards those who like to fine-tune and adjust the settings themselves prior to shooting. Is this it? Or is there more to it?

I own an SD1000 and am considering switching to an A570is. I don't know much about photography so please bear with me on this one. I want to take pictures that focus on a single object and have other stuff in the background (and sometimes forground) appear blurred out. I can't seem to get that effect on the SD1000. I've fiddled around with the settings but still can't figure it out. I was thinking that the A570is would offer what I'm looking for. What do you guys think?
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I think you have it figured out. With SD seriesyou are paying a higher premium for the smaller size and you have to use proprietary batteries.

The A series cameras have more manual controls and they are larger so they can use AA batteries.

I have both. I got an A710 for the zoom and manual controls. However I still use my old SD500 a lot more oftendue to its convenient size.

If I was looking at an A series today, the A720 seems to have a lot of bang for the buck (It has the 6X optical zoom that the A570 does not, which is a big selling point for me). Itis almost half the price as my A710 was when it first came out.
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