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kpmd Nov 23, 2002 8:38 PM

Difference in pixels ???
What is the effect of difference in pixel, for instance canon s230 and canon s330. One is 2mp and the other is 3mp, but shouldn't both would take a shot with the same size and both have the same quality? Personally I think the more pixels a camera has would produce a larger image, but if taken the same size image, both would have the same quality right? Then if that's the case, and the largest image size I want is 8 x 10 then shouldn't it be better just to get s330? I don't know if the 3 or 4 mp camera would produce a nicer image regarding the same size (1600 x 1100) with the 2mp digicam. Can somebody clear me on this? Thanks

moondaug Dec 5, 2002 7:40 PM

S230 V S330
They are NOT the same size image.

The S230 gives you a 3MP image, while the S330 takes only a 2MP image. There is a definate improvment in sharpness when camparing images printed 4x6. This does make a big difference when you enlarge an image beyond 5x7 prints. Remember a 3MP image has 50% more information (detail) than a 2MP image.

MP can be thought of as film negative size. 35mm is larger and sharper than 110 film. 120 film is larger and sharper than 35mm. 4x5" film is larger than 120 and so on. The larger the negative, the shaper the final print. The same is true with megapixels (though other factors contribute as well: lense, CCD, etc.).

Though similar looking and the numbers in the name tend to confuse, the S330 has a different body (though similar) and lense. It offers a wider zoom (35mm-105mm) than the S230 (35mm-70mm which is essentially an S200 with a higher MP imager).

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