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Default Digital photo developing question

Does anyone know how many DPI the fuji color processors at Walmart print images at?

I was just reading some info on resizing and printing at http://www.hertz-ladiges.com/galphot...g/printeng.htm

and my assumption based on the image size info in photoshop that my A80 is taking shots at 72DPI. Is the photo developer/printer at Walmart printing at 72, 300, 600, or some other DPI.

Trying to enlighten myself on how cropping a picture in PS will effect the quality of the developed/printed image. Also trying to guage from the info in photo shop what the best size prints to have made will be.

I had an 8X10 and a 5X7 made tonight of an image that I had significantly cropped. The 5x7 came out really well. The 8x10 started to lose photo quality. According to the image size info in PS I really should only gotten photo quality at 2x4, but 5x7 came out extremely well.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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DPI has nothing to do with digital cameras - it comes up only when you print an image and is calculated as <image resolution in pixels>/<print size in inches>. 72 dpi in Photoshop is just a default value since Photoshop doesn't know how big you want your print to be, you can set up any value you want (you may need to unmark "constrain proportions" and/or "resample image" first). 300 dpi gives pretty sharp prints, so based on this you can calculate how much you can crop your images: <desired print size>*300dpi = <cropped image resolution in pixels>.
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