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Default Digital Rebel low light focus?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know how well the 300D is at focusing in low light conditions? I suppose I should apply this to the lens that comes with the kit. I'm trying to decide between this camera and the Sony F828 (when it comes out). Thanks.

- Jeff
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Default Canon 300D and low light conditions

I just bought a 300D with the starter lens after having owned an F717, which the F828 will replace. Without the flash, I found the 300D performed well under low light conditions. The F717, while good was more yellow. The Canon showed a greater color range and was crisper (crisper relative to the F717).

However, with the flash, I thought the F717 was much better. Color was consistently brighter. 300D photos with the flash consistently turn out muddy especially if the subject is more than 6 feet away.

Keep in mind, I am not a professional photographer. I may be able to manually adjust the settings to improve image quality, but I haven't gotten to that point yet.

Net, net I would still choose the 300D as the most important factor to me is color and the 300D blows the pants of the F717 in daylight under most conditions. Except under the brightest conditions, I usually have to "Photoshop" my F717 photos as they can come out muddy. Oddly, it's under dark conditions/indoor conditions which require the flash does the F717 outshine the 300D.
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Thanx for the info. I'm no pro at taking pix either so your experiences are more likely on my level. That's a little dissappointing that the 300D was turning out muddy pix with the flash when the subject wasn't really all that far away. Were they real bad or just average?
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Another thing to consider is that most flashes you add to the camera will give you an IR focus assist light. You can even get a dedicate module that you can put in the hot shoe that allows focusing in complete darkness.

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