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I've been getting into HDR photography lately, and I was hoping there was a way on this Digital Rebel XT to tell it to automatically take 3 or 5 exposures at, say, -3, -1.5, 0, 1.5, and 3 EV. Is this possible? I have a tripod obviously but me rolling the knobby thing to change the exposure moves it a little but, so my results aren't the greatest.
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Yes partially.
The dRebel-XT / 20d / 30d can only take 3 exposures on AEB(Auto Exposure Bracket).
Check page 90 of your user manual "Topic Auto Exposure Bracket" :-)

I generally try to take 5 to 10 exposures for HDR, a sold tripod and heavy ballhead really help.

Some basics I use.
  • Set up using a solid tripod, weighted down if nessary.
  • Set exposure dial to manual.[/*]
  • Pick your desired f/stop and then only alter shutter speed for each exposure.[/*]
  • turn off auto focus, and prefocus the lens.
  • Use mirror lockup if your camera supports it (page 94 of user manual).[/*]
  • Use a good program like photomatrix from http://www.hdrsoft.com/ (it can do a small allign if images are not exactly in register.[/*]
  • Shoot on windless days, any movement can mess up the merge to HDR![/*]
  • Mostly experiment and have fun!
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Thanks a ton! I downloaded the manual PDF and it was page 90, right on!

Works great, too. Exactly what I wanted. Shame it doesn't allow for a custom number of shots and/or exposures over +/-2.
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