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Default Digital tele-converter (in Elph 500 HS and others)

I recently bought an Elph 500 HS and am generally quite impressed with its performance, though it's taking a while to get the hang of the touch screen. The big draw for this model was the f/2.0 lens, which I believe it shares with the S95. Of course, it only has this aperture at the wide end of the zoom range. I consistently avoid digital zoom on the premise that it is merely in-camera cropping. However, this camera includes a "digital tele-converter" that purports to behave differently.

This function permits me to set a 1.5 or 2.0 X converter to increase the magnification across all zoom lengths. When enabled, I still have the full f/2.0 at the wide end, but the image is magnified. This sounds great, but the manual cautions that "a recording pixel setting . . . of L or M1 will cause images to appear coarse." I'm not really clear on what this feature is actually doing, but the warning makes it sound like the camera needs to use more of the sensor than normal settings would require in order to accomplish the zoom. Does anyone have a simple explanation of the digital tele-converter feature or a link to relevant information? How about any experience or tips with this feature on this or other Canon cameras?


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G'day Dan

It sounds like a 'copy' of the Panasonic EZ-Zoom ... whereby the 18x becomes an effective 36x and as stated in the manual "Picture Quality = no deterioration"

With the Panny it works when you set the mpx to <100% ... ie 12mpx has no EZ, 8mpx har partial EZ, & 5mpx has maximum EZ

Many of us on the Panny threads have guesstimated as to how they do it, my guess is via pixel resampling and a bit of software sharpening or maybe JPEG hi-res /lo-compression saving in the camera

Regards, Phil
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My SX40HS has the digital converter- as you say,gives you 2x magnification from the START of the zoom,thus giving you a potentially faster aperture over the standard equivalent zoom setting.
How it works- I'm not too sure- though the images still come out full sized(12mp)...!
My guess is,as Ozzie says,the camera simply resizes a cropped portion of the sensor back up to 12mp...

The IQ does downgrade a touch- though you may get a shot that you otherwise wouldn't- as not only do you have a faster/wider aperture,but you are asking less of the image stabiliser- due to the increased shutter speed you could gain and what appears 500mm is only really 250mm- again decreasing the chance of shake.. well that's the theory anyway...

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