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Aaron Singer Dec 17, 2002 6:47 PM

Digital Zoom
I have an S230. Has anybody tried printing pics taken with the digital zoom. Do you lose an absurd amount of quality. Assuming I know I would only want a 4X6, is there a safe amount of digital zoom to be used or does it really just sacrifice too much quality? Thanks!

MentorRon Dec 17, 2002 10:08 PM

It may be a strange question, but why don't you just take some and print them yourself? I'm not sure if others can decide for you what you consider acceptable. For example, if I take a picture at 2x digital zoom in 1 megapixel mode, the subject is about the same size as if I took it in 2 megapixel mode without digital zoom. The subject in the two pictures looks almost the same, so there no advantage of one over the other in this case. The 1 megapixel picture is, overall, smaller in size than the 2 megapixel, so I get more of the surrounding area in the 2 megapixel. A digital zoom only makes sense if you can use it at the maximum resolution of the camera, or if it is more than 2x when using it at half the maximum resolution. Then you can get closer than you could without digital zoom.

Aaron Singer Dec 17, 2002 11:52 PM

Your point about trying it out myself is well taken. I will. However, I only use the camera at the highest resolution and lowest compression setting, so there is no trade off consideration in my case. I guess I was just wondering whether people had had any positive or negative experiences with digital zoom, particularly with the S230 at the highest resolution and lowest compression. Thanks for your suggestion.

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