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Default Disappointed SX230 HS Owner

Having always had Canon camera's I once again took the plunge and purchased a SX230 HS, And i'm really disappointed with it, The indoor and outdoor pictures i've taken display large amounts of grain and lack focus, Pictures taken with the lawn in view look like they have been taken with the toy camera setting, the grass looks completely unreal.
I then did some comparison shots with my six year old Canon Powershot A620 ( both cameras in auto mode ) an was surprised to see the A620 took far better photos indoors and outdoors, The only area where the sx230 was better was the hd video recording although the 720 mode was fine the 1080p setting showed a large amount of judder , Is there a chance that i have a faulty camera as i can't believe that my old camera takes better pictures than the new one, I'm starting to wish i had gone for the S95 instead
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G'day Keyth

In today's busy world, there is every chance that 'something' has gone wrong with your camera ... it might even be that it was dropped somewhere in transit and it out of adjustment

I suggest that you shoot & print several side-by-side shots using the 2 cameras and take/send the prints to the shop you purchased from. They then have something to look at and consider - often if the camera is still 'new', they can declare it DOA and give you a replacement there & then

Hope this helps...
Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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Canon SX 230 HS Sensor is 1/2.3 while Canon A620 is 1/1.8. Bigger sensor produce better image quality
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After reading Steve's review, I bought & traveled in Costa Rica for a week with the SX230HS.

Wonderful shots! I could not have gotten most of them using a regular 4-5X zoom P&S (such as our previous Canon SD990IS).

Does seem to eat batteries, but being forewarned, I carried 2 extras at all times - never used the 3rd, but glad to have had it handy.

Sometimes it seemed a bit slow to focus at full zoom, but it's possible that could have been while battery power was waning.

Highly recommended.
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During my limited experience with my new 230, I am getting the same exact feelings about it as the OP. I feel like my old sd700is takes more realistic, better focused, less grainy shots, the limited zoom notwithstanding. Maybe there's just something about those old Canons? I remember Steve's reviewed it very highly back when I got it. Then again the 230 has pretty good marks too.

I want to love the 230 but am having trouble. It makes sense that the 230 should blow the sd700 away.

Unfortunately, I bought my 230 used (as I did the sd700), so I have no recourse with a shop.

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It all depends on you're standards and what you're comparing it against I suppose. Comparing it against both my Canon S95 and Panasonic ZS7, I wasn't impressed with the SX230 either and ended up returning it. It did very well at high ISO for a pinhead sensor cam, but throughout the ISO range, the images were softer than I would have liked.
Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.
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Hi guys,

I do believe that Steve's review did say that the camera took "below average" quality shots for a canon camera.
(which is part of the reason I stayed away from it).

That being said, I believe he also said that in the auto-iso the camera tends to choose too high an ISO setting and thus gives more grainy pictures than should be expected.
My SX130 does the same thing, so I tend to not use auto-iso unless I am in a dark situation where I am not too sure what to try - even then I tend to retake the picture with the ISO 1-2 notches lower. I usually choose iso 80 or 100 and the pictures come out fine - the auto-iso tries to use 400 at a minimum.

For the level of megapixels my a610 with larger aperature tends to take more crisp shots than the sx130 but the sx130 handles high iso better and has the zoom to take shots the a610 could never take. I presume you are experiencing similar findings.

My 1 cent.
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Default Fragile poor gps

Not sure if its one of a bad batch but after 5 days of ownership mine is in the shop. The cover over the lens won't open or close fully. The non-moving part that surrounds the leafs that close over the lens has dimples. AFAIK this was caused by the strap pressing in on the cover when it was in my front pocket (nothing else was in that pocket. When I turned it in I checked the display camera and it also seemed to have a very "flexible/thin" cover cover. A couple of days later I was in the store and the display's didn't seem as flexible. It could have been a bad batch. Caught a Canon rep and let her know there may be a bad batch out there.
RE: GPS. it will pick up a satellite after a few minutes in the middle of a parking lot, but not in the middle of a tree covered back yard after 15 minutes.
Also, noticed the problem with it going too high in in the ISO mode so I switched to program mode where its controllable. I wish there was a way to set the maximum ISO it would use in the Auto modes.
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