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Hi there,

I have asked a friend living in Malaysia to get me a Canon A610 (I live in Kuwait) as the prices here are outrageously high ... almost by 33%!

Last night, I found that Sony was clearing up old stock and they had a couple of lenses/ flashes (slave) that were going pretty cheap by Kuwait standards. I was thereore wondering if the tele/wide lenses of the sony would fit the Canon A610.

The lenses on sale and their specs as per the net are as follows!

a) Sony VCL-ES20
2x Universal Teleconversion lens
Product Features:
• Universal connections for 37mm, 52mm Lens and Mavica FD7/71/73.
The telephoto lens is ideal for use with Sony 30mm, 37mm and 52mm diameter lenses to make distance subjects appear closer. Features 2.0x telephoto converter for Sony 30 mm, 37 mm and 52 mm diameter lenses Helps make distant subjects appear closer Includes: -2.0X telephoto lens -Carrying Pouch -2 Lens Caps (For the front and rear of the lens) -3 Mount Ring Adapters (For 30mm, 37mm, 52mm)

b) Sony VCL-ES06 0.6x (vcles06) Lens Converter
• Magnification 0.6x
• Compatibility Video Photography, Still Photography
• Mount Type Snap / Screw On
• Physical Dimensions: Diameter 2.95 in. Length 0.8 in. Weight 2.82 oz.
• Universal connections for 37mm, 52mm Lens and Mavica FD7/71/73/81/83
• Sonys VCL-ES06A 0.6X wide angle lens is ideal for 30mm, 37mm and 52mm diameter lens users who want to broaden their point of view so they can get a wider field of vision. This lens can be used with Sony camcorder, Mavica or Cyber-shot product with the appropriate ring size.

c) HVL-FSL1B Cyber-shot® Slave Flash with BracketHVL-FSL1B
Specifications • Shooting Distance: (3.5m - 6.1m)
• Guide Number: 14
• Number of flashes (Approx.): 480
• Lighting Angle (Vertical): 45 Degrees
• Lighting Angle (Horizontal): 60 Degrees
• Color Temperature (Approx.): 5500K
• Standby Power Consumption: 0.1 Watts (or less)
• Dimensions (Approx.): 2 1/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" (52.7mm x 60.5mm x 37.2mm)
• Color: Silver
• Supplied Accessories: Shoe Adapter, Storage Pouch, and Battery
• Compatible Models
DSC-P73/ 93/ 100/ 150/ 200
DSC-S60/ 70/ 75/ 85/ 90
DSC-V1/ V3
DSC-W1/ W5/ W7

I'm particularly interested in the Tele converter lens and the flash... the first because I understand that the Stitch function does assist a lil in covering up the requirement for a wide angle lens.

Basically my knowledge of cameras and photgraphy is ZERO and any little knowledge I've got has been acquired through forum readings for a YEAR in search of an ideal camera!

One other thing, there were these tripods for sale as well, the ones which are remote powered by a long cable .... could I use that to snap pictures of the canon as well or are they just restricted for use with Sony Handycams?

Will really appreciate any form of assistance!

Thanks & Cheers!
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