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On high zoom (x6 or more I'd say) the S1 IS seems to have trouble focusing. The higher the optical zoom, the worse the response. I'll hold the shutter button at half and almost always get a "yellow box" reponse to a focus attempt (and an out of focus view) on high zoom. I've found that if I focus when pulled back and then zoom in slowly I can focus more easily. But this unit's AF doesn't seem to like surprises. My old Casio with 8x optical zoom was happy to focus in on anything at any zoom.

Do you think I have botched a setting? Has anyone else experienced this?

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I do have the same issue with the S1. Lots of (experimental) photos fails with blurred object. I can explain the following causes:

1)S1 has no real MACRO feature; at max zoom, the focal distance is about 1 meter! This is often more than you expect when photographing a flower or an insect.

2) S1 has no AF assist lamp. Many / most of my photos in a relatively low light situation (no direct light), it fails to find the right focal point; it keeps on hunting for focus.

3) S1 can't auto focus on moving (close-up) objects; Even a flower slightly waving in the wind disturbs the AF system.

4) S1 can't auto focus on objects without high contrast details.

For steady objects I more often (than I like)use Manual Focus. For moving objects I still haven't found an solution.

(note: I only recently bought my S1; its my first digicam. I'm still learning to use it properly. My previous camera had active infrared auto focus, which never failed me.)
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The more I play with this camera, the unhappier I get about it. My old Casio may have only been 1.3MP and it may have lacked some bells and whistles, but it functioned better over all. I'm feeling a big case of regret coming on... a $500 case of regret
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I don't have such problems - that yellow box can be tricked out. Try focus on objects that have edges withgood contrast. Try focus on non-moving subjects about the same distance.

Best of all - Focus manually and USE THAT FOCUS BRACKETING FEATURE, THAT'S WHY IT'S THERE! - it's good.
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The behaviour You describe I only encounter in low light situations (indoor, no daylight, rather dim lighting) at full zoom.

As workaround, I use 2 strategies:
1. Focus at wideangle, lock focus by pressing the MF button and then zoom in.
2. Save a custom program with smallest possible aperture (to increase depth of field) and set manual focus at about 1.5 - 2.0 meters (depends on the distance to objects You usually have You want to shoot). You will be surprised how many non blurred pics you will get if You just pay a little attention on the distance.


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Aye- AF is a pain in low light. And its getting even worse with the zoom. I can't get the camera get the correct sharp focus in normal light conditions (ISO 200 pics at 1/20 .. ISO400 @ 1/60 shots). I don't call that "DIM" or "DARK".

Finding high contrast areas is not possible in 99%...

To be honest I can't see a reason why a camera with this price and all the features and that history(!) can't focus well. I use a Minolta Dynax 500 and this cam does a much better job in focussing, although compared to other non-digital SLR's it's among the worst ever ...

So no chance for me to buy the S1 IS - I'll give it back next week.
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