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Although I am new to this forum I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about digital cameras for 3 months now and I still do not know anything, hence the question.

I was doing this research to find the best camera for my wifes birthday. I ended up with the Canon A80, Her concerns, in order are shutter lag, picture quality, and size of camera. Something compact and small so she can stick it in her pocket this last one by the way surfaced only after I gave her the camera (A80). She loved the picture quality and dispite my concerns learned how to use the camera in about 5 minutes, our microware took a whole day. (camera present was a hit)

She sent the A80 back because she wanted less shutter lag and smaller camera and she went with a Optia S40, picture quality was bad, but she liked the shutter lag and the size. Pictures were not in the same class as the A80. She now wants to send this one back. I am convinced that the Canon cameras have better image quality from what I have read and seen. So here is the question. The A85 coming out is the same price and the A80 and they both are 4 meg cameras, however the CCD chip on the A80 and the new A95 are almost 2 times bigger then the A85. ( 1/1.8 vs 1/2.7 ) The reason I ask is the A85 has a shutter lag of 1/10 with prefocus and 6/10 with out, which is alot faster then the A80 2/10 with prefocus and 9/10 with out. The A85 is now in the relm of almost no shutter lag like the Casio R40 which is 1/10 and 4/10, but with much better image quality.

One of the reason SLR cameras are way ahead of these is the size of the CCD. It seems in this case bigger is better. SLR are out of the question tho she just wont even look at them the S1 IS is as big as she is willing to go and it is too big.

Please help I do not want to buy a camera and take it back 20 more times. Any help or suggestions in this area would be helpful.

By the way I am trying to stay at a price under 300 to 350 for the base camera no extras.

Thanks again for your help. you can email me direct if you wish.
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A combination of no replys and an incredible killer sale at office depot and I am a proud owner of the A80 again.

For the record office depot has the A80 on sale for 248.99 and for the the labor day weekend you get 20% off all cameras. Thats right folks.

You can get a Canon A80 for only 199.00 to low a price for that camera. Only while supplies last and are in stock no back orders. I had to drive about 17 miles because the5 around me were all out.
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Congratulations! you will find A80 worth double the price (what I paid for it before) as you realize no more upcoming DC on the market possesses the decent image quality comparable to this tiny hack.
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Size isn't everything!

Everything being equal, as I understand it, a larger CCD area for the same number of pixels means that more light hits each sensor (each pixel of the image), the camera needs to boost the signal less, and thus less noise is introduced. But that assumes that the sensisitivity of each sensor remains the same, and that is almost certainly not true. Each new generation of chip will not only cram more onto the same area, but probably also increase the sensitivity too. If that is so, then image noise will not be directly proportional to CCD size.

So, can anyone out there verify whether what I'm saying is bunk or not?
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