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ccp Dec 22, 2005 11:18 AM


I've had my A620 for 2 weeks now & have had difficulties from day one.

The first download went ok, but the second would not allow me to continue without restarting my computer (XP).

This has happened another 5 times & today it will not allow me to download at all.

The computer recognises a conection, but says it cannot detect a camera.

I've uninstalled the canon software & installed it again but to no avail.

So, I'm now trying it on a works computer, but as I'm not allowed to load any software on this one, I'm using the XP to down load it. It has currently taken over 1/2 an hour to transfer 18 photos.

Any thoughts?

Greg Chappell Dec 22, 2005 11:10 PM

Separate Card Reader.....

I have a firewire connection from my digital camera and I don't even use that. You should be able to download the software, then connect the camera and have it work. XP has been a no-brainerin my experiencewhen it comes to loading new software. It's hard to know what's going on with yours based on the info you've provided.

The download times you're noting are horrible- no way JPEG's should take that long. Get a card reader and be done with it.

photoz Dec 23, 2005 8:16 PM

I had an a95 which I sold and replaced with an A620. The version of Zoombrowser from the A95 did not work with the A620. Make sure you have the newest version loaded.
I saw the camera in the My Computer window with all the other drives but Zoombrowser 5.2??refused to retrieve the files.
It also sounds like you were hooked into a usb1.1 port.
My pc transfers a large superfine file in about 1.5 seconds. I have a kingston Elite pro card whick is much faster than Sandisk and some other brands.

ccp Dec 24, 2005 11:34 AM

Thanks for the comments. A card reader may be an answer, however I bought a camera which should be compatible with my computer, but will not transfer photos for some reason. I have now loaded the software on my other computer & this will recognise the camera, but as before is taking 10 mins to capture one photo. I will persevere.

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