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So does anyone have a suggestion as to which camera would be the logical next step? I was thinking hard about buying an A80, but my 6 month old son has blue eyes, and we've already been struggling with red eye. I like all the features on the A80, so can anyone suggest a camera that is close to the same with the added feature of external flash?
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Thats a tough one. To go to a camera with a hot shoe, you are going to a higher end, larger, and more expensive camera.

You have to also look at what flashes ar available for the camera. It seems you are better off with "film camera" brands since they have a better choice of TTL flashes. A nice combo would be a Canon G3 or G5 with a 420EX flash. There are nice cameras available from OLympus, but the prices of the flash seem to be pretty high.

I settled on a 2 camera setup. I now have a Canon S400 for a pocket size, keep with me, walk around on vacation, etc convenient camera. Camera #2 is still a bit up in the air. Right now, a Minolta A1 is looking like the top choice. I like the 28 - 200mm stabilized zoom. It will be nice for the kids soccer games and such. I'm waiting to see if anything better is announced at PMA. If not, I'll get the A1.
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