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Old Feb 22, 2008, 12:25 PM   #1
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I've had a G9 since just before Christmas and I absolutely love it. It really is a shame to call it a "Point and Shoot."
Bamboo Garden in the Birmingham (Alabama) Botanical Gardens

My new D300 is arriving, today, but the G9 will always (or until my wife steals it from me) be my "take along" for fun and serious.
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Not surprising Delos. Txs for feedback.

Pics from this site that compares similar shots with most cams on the market shows that the G9 takes great shots, good and sharp details, good colours.
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Old Mar 15, 2008, 10:02 AM   #3
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I am afraid I may not agree with you. When it comes to image quality, G9 is just like another Canon P&S. See this link on Steve's Blog:


Unless they put a largersensor in P&S, we would not seeany real quality improvement.

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I see the whole question a bit differently, I guess. I started with the premise that there really is no camera out there that is perfect, or even 90% perfect. Therefore, I was going to have to accept some compromises.

To me, a camera should be a lot of fun, convenient,and an easy to use. I see my camera as a useful tool for recording what is happening in my life. Therefore, it had to provide me an easyway to leave the DSLR world, that I had grown to dislike a bit becauseof the size and weightof the kitthat I was carrying.

After I had arrived at those conclusions, the search became a good deal easier. I did an image search in www.pbase.com looking for images that I thought were really good that came from small, easy to carry, and convenient digicams.

So a fun camera, that fit easily into my purse, that produced quality images was what I was after. At least for me the fun is in taking the photos, not the endless search. I hope that you find what you are looking for soon.

Have a great day!

Sarah Joyce
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Old Aug 9, 2008, 4:50 AM   #5
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I had been looking for an upgrade to my D200. D300 to me is D200 with sales gimmicks, D700 is a joke, you lost the 1.5 crops which mean heavier and more expensive lenses. It looks like dslr makers hit the cealing, no improvement only sales gimmicks.

With long researches I found Canon G9. It is lighter than my dslr, the controls are as friendly as D200. Much lighter and the 35-400 mm lens is good enough for most of what I really need. I love it and had not use my D200 since I got the G9 more than a week now. I now enjoy walking in our garden every day with the 320 grams G9 on my neck dreaming of the good old days with my Leica lllf.

Just like in automobile business.DSLR makerswill have to switch to smaller andmore efficientproducts to servive. Putting more junk parts for more profit is not going to work.

Here is a sample of G9 picture I took today.

Attached Images
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Old Aug 9, 2008, 8:47 AM   #6
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I'm glad you found your SD solution Ruchai. I have had 3 Nikon DSLRs and still have two of them. They have their purpose and take great pictures butwere hard to take fishing. When my Canon S400 died I looked long and hard for a replacement. I decided the G9 fit the bill. I wish the lens was a bit wider at the short end but I am very pleased with the rest of the package. The only real issue with image quality I see is when the ISO starts climbing. But I think this is a good compromise for fitting in the pocket. So far so good.
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