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ionfresko Jun 17, 2008 4:41 PM


First post in some 4 years, when purchasing my A75. Now I have just bought an A720 IS (the A75 managed 8000 pics!). But there is a very peculiar problem with it, which I could use some help about, so as to knowif it is something wrong with it or not. I have searched a lot on the problem, but to no use. I have run out of ideas.

The problem is a strange sound coming from the camera, as if from some kind of moving part, such as a very tiny fan (which I reckon it is not!?). It is not loud, just a kind ofmiddle-pitched hum: and - really strange - it is getting higher when the lcd is on than if its not. The source of the sound is not the small speaker on top of the camera, but from the body itself, such as if having the ear against the lcd,beginning to be noticableat like 10 cm distance from it.What can this be!?

I mean, there are nomoving parts: and I have tried with different settings, such as turning the IS off (just an idea), but there is no difference. The sound does not matter for pics of course, but it adds to movies; such as if a dv-camera - not much, but well enough to be heard on a silent movie. Quite annoying.

Has anyone heard about this? To me it seems as if the camera is bad in some way.

Any ideas?

Thanks, ionfresko

AndyfromVA Jun 17, 2008 7:21 PM

I've had my A720 for six months and never heard that sound.

I'd return the camera if I were you.

Michi Jun 17, 2008 9:21 PM

I have an A720is also, and it does not emit any sounds like that. My first guess was the IS system, but since you turned that off, that can't be it. I would send it back if it's still under warranty.

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