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Default f 2.8 lenses quality and digital pro 1 performance?

You said that for night clubs (alive shows covers = alive performances indoors) pro one wasn't your frist choice. Why? Just because of the AF response or for the image quality? Talking about these, could you say a picture taken with Pro 1 against one sigma f2.8 (28-70/24-70 or 70-200) will reach the same quality of image.
If i put one in front the other i hard tell the difference?
And Pro gtes better images than g5?

Thank you very much.
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Comparing the Pro 1 vs. a Sigma f2.8 zoom mounted on ANY DSLR is just asking to be disappointed in the Pro 1.

1. Noise at higher ISO ratings- My Canon Digital Rebel is virtually noise free at ISO 400 and darn clean at ISO 800. It's very acceptable at ISO 1600. The Pro 1 will be unacceptable at ISO 400, so you are already at a disadvantage with the Pro 1 before looking at anything else.

2. I hate electronic viewfinders so I am biased in saying this, but bias or not a TRUE through the lens viewfinder of an SLR is much nicer and more accurate to use than these nasty EVF's digicam makers use in digicams. Every one I ever tried had a lag time that made it hard to catch something at just the right moment, and I would think in concert photography that would be something you would be interested in.

3. Focusing speed- I am sure this hasn't changed enough in the Pro 1 for me to be wrong. The focusing system in a DSLR will be MUCH faster than trying to latch onto and follow a performer on stage with the Pro 1.

I own a G5 and wouldn't want to use it at a concert. For one, unless you are in row 1 or 2 it doesn't have a long enough tele lens to get you there. AF performance in low light at the tele end isn't the greatest either.

I am sure you can take the Pro 1 to a concert and get some decent grab shots, but don't think for one minute it would be the same as taking a high end pro zoom like the Sigma you talk about mounted to (any) DSLR available today. That is a no-brainer. The DSLR would outperform the Pro 1 at any level you would want to look at.

HOWEVER, unless you are Press you might not be able to get a DSLR in with todays security at events.
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