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Default F717 vs G5, ask for your comment for buying decision

I've borrowed F717 for shooting concert photos without using flash. I was impressed by the photos quality which the focus was accurate, and the image was sharp even without using falsh in such a dark environment.

Do anyone know about G5 ? How does it compared with Sony F717 with regard to the capacity operating in night shooting or some difficult light occasions, e.g. concert or in party room?

I like Sony a lot, but it seems G5 is the latest model, and even the price of F717 is more expensive than G5. It's hard to make a choice.

Thanks for all you advice!
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Man, u just asked the question i wanted to ask here today.
Well,since i have the same doubt of u i´m here waiting for more comments, but my opinion is:

Canon is much superior than any Sony , but this f717 i liked so much, in truth, this is the only sony i liked, and the factor that is atracting me is the Night Shot, it can be really usefull in some situations, i liked the optical zoom that is superior to G5 but g5 wins in optcialxdigital cominated zoom (but i don´t like to use digital zoom), in the POTD i saw so many pictures taken with f717 or f707, in the redimensioned size they are great but i´d really like to see them in the true size since i know that Sony pic´s quality never was superior of any canon with the same Megapixels.

About G5, well, certainly it has a superior resolution since it´s a canon, as f717 u can change the lens and insert a external flash, i Have a S50, i know how excellent is the quality of the pics, the color, resolutions etc.., and g5 is a s50 with more resources, the LCD tha u can more, superior optical zoom, changing lens, insert external flash, remote control etc.

Well, i trust in canon coz i have and know how is it. Anyway i loved f717 and i´m in doubt of which one should i buy because i want a new digital camera which i can change lens and flash .

I love the f717 design but i don´t know if it´s short, never seen one, canon g5 doesn´t seem to be much larger than a s50 anyway i prefer f717 design but it seems more fragible.

Ah , i have a question, is truth that Sony´s LCD is too much dark?
This is a good factor that could influenciate in the decisions.
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