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03_fjr Dec 5, 2005 10:04 PM

Which camera offers more for your money SD500, or the A610?

Greg Chappell Dec 5, 2005 10:15 PM

This ones easy, and it depends entirely on the person for whom the camera is for....

Do you or the person you are buying it for want to be able to make their own settings every once and a while, or do they want the camera to make all but the most basic decisions, like ISO setting, exposure compensation, with the option of just letting the camera do everything all the time with little chance to mess anything up?

For the techno person who might want to dabble with completely manual shooting or , maybe, aperture priority, with the option of just setting the camera do all auto and it's someone with a little more than abasic knowledge of thevarious modes, the answer is the A610.

For the person who wants an all-auto camera- and those type people might not want a camera like the A610 because they might accidently change a setting and not know what it does, the answer is the SD500. My girlfriend falls into this exact category. She did not want the A- series because if she accidently switched the dial from all auto to "M" or accidently made a switch in the menu system, she wouldn't know what the heck to do to fix it.

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