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Thanks Nicolas. It was a newbie error. Yesterday was my first day with the camera. Apparently I switched modes quite a bit and with each new mode it started in Fine instead of SuperFine. Today I used the same modes again and it started where I wanted. Thankfully!

I sure am glad I bought this camera instead of the ultra compacts I was considering. I love the manual controls.

Thanks again.
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In many scenes, you may not immediately notice the difference between fine and superfine, because most people concentrate on the bright areas of an image, and not necessarily on the fine details either. As you increase the compression factor, you tend to lose more shadow and edge detail, especially around areas of low contrast, and gradients become less smooth.

To get a beter idea of what to look for, open agood quality shotin your favorite photo editing software, and save it with a higher than normal compression factor, say 50%, then compare it to the original. Repeat the process with several different compression factors and you'll begin to get an idea of what happens as compression is increased.

How much loss of detail you're willing to live with depends entirely on your eyes and what the final destination of the shot is. For people who rarely print on anything bigger than 4x6 or 5x7, fine may be enough. But do consider that memory is relatively cheap now, especially in the CF form factor, and most of us don't have a time machine to go back and retake that one in a thousand shot at a higher quality. The situation may be different for those using 7-8 mp cameras with pixels to spare, but at the 3-5 mp that many of us are currently using, the details can make a difference when going to a larger format.

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