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Hi, everone -- All the reviews of the S2 IS have commented on the lens cap not staying on (one review I read said it was "inexcusable" and I agree). Wow, you breathe on the cap and it falls off!!

So here is my fix: Iput asmall piece of tape --- about 1 inch long and 1/8 inch wide ---- insidethe lens cap, along the rim.I used medical tape,the typeused for taping a gauze padover a skin wound. You can get it at any drug store. It works great because it has a bit of a rough suface whichallows the cap to then "grip" the camera's nose.But other types of tape might work too by just creating a tighter fit.

Depending on the tape you use,you'll probably have toexperiment with the right length in order to get the right fit....the longer the tape, the tighter the fit. If you make it too tight, and then forget to take off the capwhen you turn the camera on, the lens actuallly get stuck trying to extend. I'm sure that's not a good thing!

Anyway,it's really been a great fix for that frustrating cap, so I hope you find this info usefull.

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My gripe is, due to the change in the front end , you cannot fit a standard filter. So when the cap falls off it could clatter against the lens.:?
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I purchased my camera 2 weeks ago and keep reading these negative posts. This camear cost me almost $800.00 Canadian for that kind of coin I would expect a decent lens cap !

I may just return this LEMON in the next few days.
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I wonder if the cap is loose because Canon doesn't want the mechanism stressed if you turn on the camera with the cap attached?

The solution I've seen elsewhere is just make sure that a small section of the lens cap cord is jammed under the cap as it is placed on the camera. (But not too tight)

I bought a 52mm Lensmate adapter mentioned in Steve's review and recycled my old SLR filters and spare lens caps - problem solved. This solution also eliminates accidental stress on the lens mechanism. I try to avoid holding the camera by the Lensmate, as this might over stress the camera's plastic bayonet mount.

If the Lensmate is always attached, it makes the camera a bit bigger. I'm using a Lowepro D-Res 30 AW as a suitable sized case, and by placing the case's movable divider at the bottom of the case, on a slight angle, I've obtained a little extra battery and filter stowage with no danger of scratching the camera.

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