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Effen Mar 7, 2004 10:20 PM

Focus on my new S50 - my expectations too high?
I got an S50 new about a month or so ago. I haven't had much time to play with it. I've taken a few photos and some are nice (wrt to focus) and some are off. I've just been experimenting indoor light conditions with a close object. I look at the LCD screen while the autofocus is working. I could swear that the camera gets the image really nicely in focus, but at the very last instant it goes just a hair past the sweet spot to something just slightly out of focus.

Any suggestions on how to check this out? I'd like to know if I'm expecting too much at close range.

hst Mar 7, 2004 11:08 PM

Take it off of continuous Autofocus
I have noticed that the default on Canons is Continuous Auto Focus. Turning it to single autofocus may help. I found the same issue with a canon G5 and it worked much better with single focus because it didn't keep trying to lock in once it focused.

elonmba Mar 10, 2004 11:47 AM

Effen, I bought my S50 a little less than a year ago and have recorded close to 2,000 images. The only criticism I have is the focusing system.

In full light situations the autofocus is slow but acceptably accurate. In low light situations I haven't been able to find the right combination of factors to cause the autofocus to work accurately with acceptable regularity. In very low light I can see the bluish light the camera puts out for focusing but the camera never seems to be able to read its own cue.

I had an EOS 650 for many years and when its repair cost (shutter curtain and flash) got high, I figured it was time to go digital. Luckily I didn't sell off the EF lenses so I'm gonna investigate the EOS Rebel Digital and perhaps move in that direction.

My apology if this is more a vent than a posting. I'm pretty frustrated with the focusing on the S50 because it is otherwise a very excellent camera.

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