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cA70 Aug 29, 2003 11:47 AM

Funny 3rd Leg taken with A70, ISO

Pic is totaly unedited.

This taught me alot about ISO, it was a night shoot indoors with alot of lights, i used ISO 400, gave me a quicker shutter speed but did make it blotty.

Melboz99 Aug 29, 2003 11:27 PM

Yeah, that bothered me alot with ISO at first too. The fact is that the human eye automatically corrects for low light and bright light for a range of 5 stops. So you could be in what seems like a well lit room and think "this room has plenty of light, it should take just fine." But you half press the shutter and it tells you that it needs a shutter speed of longer than a second, and you just scratch your head.

The A70 has terrible noise at high ISO. If you ever want a digital camer with the capabilties of low noise at high ISO think these two things; physical CCD size, and resolution.

The smaller a CCD is, the less light it is capable of collecting, thus the camera manufacturor has to amplify the signal. Once you amplify the good signal, you amplify the bad signal as well. This is where noise comes from.

Resolution is also important. The less resolution, the larger the individual sensors can be. The larger the sensors the more light collected, the less the signal needs to be amplified.

The A70 has a terrible 1/2.7" CCD. That is pretty much the smallest CCD size available on the market. The smaller CCD does have it's advantages though. For one thing, the lenses don't need to be as big, thus they are cheaper.

Just some of the things I have learned about ISO and the A70,
Dan O.

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