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Raymond Shay Jan 10, 2003 10:48 PM

G2 Add-on lens questions
I was wondering if anyone might know:

1). I own a G2 and use a LensMate 49mm adapter, is there any reason that a wide angle adaptor would not work just fine with that? That is, a 49mm LensMAte adaptor vs. a 58mm Canon? I'd like to use a third-party wide angle lens adaptor as well, any problems?.

2). Does a wide angle lens adaptor work throughout the entire focal length or the zoom range? That is, if t's 38-100 (or so) now would a wide-angle lens adaptor (.6 factor) make it seem like a 28-60mm?? Or would the wide algle adaptor work only in the widest setting?

3). Will close-up lenses focus throughout the entire zoom range as well? (if in macro mode?)

Thank you for your help. --Ray

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