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Default G2 Questions

Well, I've decided to buy a Powershot G2 and have a few questions that I hope can get answered.

1. Memory Cards. The review i read said that the G2 accepts Compact Flash Type I & II. Is Compact Flash a name brand? Can i also use Smart Media cards in my G2? Are Compact Flash and Smart Media the same thing?

2. It getting colder outside, should I be worried about taking the camera out? With the Holidays around the corner I'm sure I will be using the camera on alot of outings and is the cold gonna hurt the camera?

3. What accessories are a must have? After I get used to the G2 I plan on buying some other lenses and maybe another flash to use with the G2. But what kinds and what other stuff should i be looking at? Whats a good case for the G2.

and Finally
4. I am totally new to the world of digital photography (not really inept with regular photography for that matter) so do you have any advice/tips for me?

Thanks in advance for any help, and I am looking forward to snapping away with my new G2! My wife just had a baby boy so I have a model to take plenty of practice pictures!

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I'm going to try again and reply to this message.

Memory Cards - Compact Flash is a form factor of memory and is shaped differently from Smart Media. In addition to these two types of memory cards there is also the Sony Memory Stick and Secure Digital (SD) cards.

They all do the same thing basically but they are not interchangeable. There are many different brands of CF cards, they are all essentially compatible with each other. The type I vs. type II difference is discussed in the Memory Card forum http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3623 .

The cold will affect your camera by reducing the capacity of the battery. I keep my camera inside my coat to get some extra time. I can't comment on how well the G2 holds up to the cold - it's just getting cold out here so I'm basing my comments on my old 950 and general principles.

Must have accessories - get a good case ( http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...136&highlight= ) this is a discussion on that topic. The things I'd suggest are a table top tripod - handy and cheap; external flash - lighting is important; then get add-on lens as you want to.

The real must have accessory is more memory - at least 256 MB - get either two 128 MB cards or one 256 MB card. The pros and cons of each are discussed in a recent posting on this site http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...490&highlight= . And you should get a second battery.

As far as advice goes - take lots of pictures, read the manual, take more pictures. Digital is like film photography but it doesn't cost anything to take and 'develop' your shots. It only costs to print out the ones you want, mistakes are free and you'll learn from them.

have fun
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Default RE:


Thanks for the reply! I wasn't sure about the mem cards so thanks for clearing that up.

My G2 came by UPS today but.... my wife is not allowing me to open it up because I got a speeding ticket yesterday! She says my punishment is that I can't play with it till next week!

I do plan on getting more memory I'll probably start with 128 and go from there. Now the next thing to do is get some photo paper and ink for my printer.

Thanks again

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