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Arlenejg Sep 29, 2002 10:43 PM

G2 Stitch Assist
I'm waiting fairly patiently for the good folks at B&H Photo to come back from their holiday tomorrow and ship out my new G2. One thing I've been anxious to learn about is the Stitch Assist feature. I collect and display little porcelain villages, and keep seeing skylines that would make great backdrops for the villages, if I could use Stitch Assist to put several pictures together to make a print that's about 18" high by about 70" long. Is this possible? When you stitch several shots together, do they each retain their full mp's (minus the overlap) and are there developing services that can print out pictures that long? I hope I've made the question clear enough--not too well versed in the terminology yet! I'm loving this board, though, lots of information to be had here and in the links people pass along. Arlene

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