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Default G2 Stuck Pixel

I just bought a G2. Found a stuck pixel while displaying a picture on my monitor. Exchanged it for another. The second G2 has 2 stuck pixel areas, one large enough to notice on the lcd monitor while composing shots. I'm frustrated. Has anyone else had similar problems. Does G2 have quality issues or am I being too picky.
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I dont have a G2, but I do sympathise with you because I know how you feel.
I've just returned a Fujis602 for bad hotspots on the ccd, and the replacement has a stuck pixel/s which shows bright white on the rear LCD.. looks like someone is shining a tiny torch through it.

At the price some of these camera cost, the quality control need to be far better.
I'm dreading facing the dealer in the morning, but lets face it.. if I were to seel this camera next week, I find it hard to believe the stuck pixel would not affect its price quite a lot.
Your not on your own!.. :-))
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Default bad pixels- LCD vs. CCD

From your description, it sounds like 1 of the stuck pixels on your second camera is on the LCD screen, but not necessarily on the CCD (which takes the actual pictures.)

If you see a bad pixel on your computer monitor after transferring the picture, then that's definitely a problem. If it's on the LCD screen it's still somewhat annoying but not that big of a deal since the final image will not exhibit the pixel.

I've run into this before too, I don't accept any bad pixels in the CCD sensor. At some exposure level or ISO setting there will be 'hot spots' no matter what, but I expect clean images under normal daylight conditions. Especially if you are buying some newfangled 4 or 5 MP camera that is supposed to have top-notch picture quality.
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