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Default G2 vs G3

Buy a G2 (only used once) from a good friend for approx $200 or a (new) G3 from an online dealer at approx $510?

What would be the most you'd pay for a G2 before you'd rather fork over the extra for the G3?

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Gwen if you don't buy it then could I?

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Well, they haven't offered it yet. <g> When I borrowed it, she said, "We should just sell it to you; we never use it." I didn't even know it was a Canon, let alone something so similar to what I was going to buy.

So now I don't want to give it back, and asked her if she was serious. She's going to talk to her husband about it. I just came up with that price on my own. I have no idea what they would want to ask for it, but I'm guessing something in that range. I've looked on Ebay and there are a number of G2's going in the 200 dollar range. Granted they get higher in price as the bidding nears ending.

I'm sure they bought it in a store, meaning they paid quite a bit for it versus buying it online. They bought it less than a year ago, so if they have the receipt, it'd still be under warranty. Warranty is the thing my husband was worried about. Normally we'd consider buying an extended warranty with something of this nature.

Anyway, we'll see. I'm waiting on pins and needles as I want to get the G3 ordered if they decide to keep this, or if they want more than I'm willing to pay for a camera possibly not under warranty. And there is the point where I'd rather pay the difference and get the G3, altho I'm not sure what that point would be as I'm not familiar with how much more I'd actually get for the G3 over the G2.

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The G3 has a different CCD, but they are both 4 MP camera and take great pictures. The G3 has a 4x optical lens; the G2 is a 3x. They use the same battery, but longevity is better in the G3. They both have the hotshoe and support E-TTL external Canon flashes.

When I went to buy my first 4 MP camera, my first choice was the G2, but I could not find it in stock anywhere, so I settled instead of waiting. Less than a year later I got the G3 because I still could not find the G2. If they sold the G2 to you for about $200, I would take it; I'm not sure that there is anything about the G3 worth 300 dollars at that point. Unless the G3 is really what you want and would feel like you were settling.
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