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Default G3 Files Corrupted!?!?!?


I'm a brand new owner of a Canon G3. After months of trying to figure out which camera to purchase (sony, olympus or canon) I opted for the G3 since I'm a previous happy Canon owner.

I'm having a serious problem though which I hope someone can help me with. I'm going through my inital 'test' phase with my camera, taking a lot of test shots, and finding that about 15-20 percent of my pictures I take seem to be corrupted when transferred to my computer. When those 15-20% pics get transferred, I can not open them with any program! All the other pictures come out beautiful, and can be opened/viewed without problem.

I know it's not the CF card, since I use different ones. When the pictures transfer from the camera to my computer, about 15-20 percent come across as non-readable, however the properties of the non-readable file indicate .jpg. I know it's not my photo viewing programs, because I have tried all of the different ones to open them with (Adobe Photoshope, IFRAN, IE Explorer, Image Expert, Zoombrowser, etc.) So for some reason, a portion of the pictures appear to become corruputed, but the rest are fine! Another interesting fact is that I can view them on the camera via thumbnails, but when I try to download them to the computer, it's unreadable.

A couple more pieces of information:

1. Just for the sake of arguement, since I originally thought that the pictures 'some how' had been converted to RAW format, I attempted to just open those files with the Zoombrowser RAW editor, however it didn't recognize them as RAW. Going back to the properties, they all indicate that it is a .jpg file.

2. The picture settings I've been using are the manual setting primarly (P) and trying the other features from time to time i.e. Portrait view. I like to take a lot of B/W so I ususally use that feature as well. What is odd as well is that it seems to happen more when I'm switching between normal (no effects) and B/W. If I'm operating no effects, and switch to B/W, then then those pictures immediately following do not come out, even though the 'only' setting I change is to switch to B/W. 'However' with that being said, it has happened many times on color pics as well.

3. I am downloading the pics directly from the camera to the computer via USB, using Zoombrowser primarly to download.

I just don't understand what I could be doing wrong. I tend to think it is me, and not the camera since I know it's a great piece of equipment...but I'm not sure.

Can anyone help me?
Robert (new G3 user)
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Have you tried using the RAW file option then converting them outside the camera??
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No, I didn't want to have to resort to that...but I can try...

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I've had the same problem with my Canon S230, however I have not tested with different flash cards to compare.
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Old Apr 23, 2003, 4:17 AM   #5
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Hi Guys
just a quickie... on the way out!

try downloading this program. Its freeware so nothing to loose ?

i've tried it with varying success

good luck

Also dont forget to format your card regularly in the camera

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Old May 9, 2003, 1:34 AM   #6
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I don't have a G3 (I own a G2), but perhaps it could be the ZoomBrowser software that's the problem. Have you checked for and installed any updates from their customer support page?

I know I had problems using the ZoomBrowser s/w on the supplied cdrom and it had all kinds of problems. I found the ZoomBrowser updates on their support page and got it to work.

Good luck.
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Did you try taking the CF card out of the camera and downloading from a card reader? I've had a G3 for a wek and haven't had any problems opening any of the files, but I don't use the camera to download - always via a reader.

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