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Default G3 flashcards and readers questions

My mother-in-law is willing to buy my wife and I a digital camera for our birthdays. As a digital camera novice, I was hoping some of you could rate my decision on a G3. I've researched it and made grandiose statements about how this is one of the top-of-the-line cameras out there, blah, blah, blah. I'd hate to find out, after getting it, that the G3 is a disappointment - especially when you consider I'm spending my mother-in-law's cash.

Also, everyone says the 32MB CF is too small, but can't I just take 24 or so shots and empty the card on my computer? I'd like a 256MB, don't get me wrong, but they seem awfully pricey.

Do I also need a reader? Is the drain on the camera's battery so severe when using it to upload images to the PC that a card reader is a necessity?

Finally, where is the best online store to buy the camera? I'm talking cheapest price without having to deal without the pressure to buy overpriced accessories.

Sorry I have so many questions and thanks for the time to answer them.

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I have had the G3 since February and love it. It is as basic or as advanced as you want. Selections are not buried in multiple sublevel menus. I have started taking pictures on a for-hire basis for friends, making a few corrections, then giving them a CD of pics. Then it is up to them on prints.

On the Superfine-Large settings, you are only able to get about 14 shots on a 32-meg card but you can get about 120 on a 256. I have seen 256-meg cards from Dell for about $60. On a recent 2 week trip to Colorado, I filled my 256-meg card as well as a 128 (a total of 209 shots). I had my wife's 16-meg that came with her S230 and my 32-meg that came G3.

As far as a reader, I don't find it too much of a problem downloading from the camera. I just start it and walk away. I mostly will remove the battery and use the AC adapter. I cannot strongly enough recommend buying an additional battery. When the battery indicator starts flashing on the LCD, you have little to no grace left. You can buy a replacement battery (opt for the equivalent of the BP-512) at Best Buy for $70 (engergizer model ER-C590) I keep the extra battery on me at all times with my camera.

As far as where to buy, just keep in mind that in general, the lowest price can be the largest headache.
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I got a G3 for my graduation and love it. It lives up to everything said about it, it takes awesome pictures, no matter what the lighting, etc is. I have a 256MB CF card and find it too small for long trips, I plan on getting a 1 GB card soon (I hope). Check out 'Scenic Pictures' folder on my website- http://community.webshots.com/user/speedymaniac
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I got a 256MB kingston cf card on ebay for $36 including shipping
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