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Default G3 when?

When is Canon expected to start shipping the G3..I am getting antsy!
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Default G3 Shipping??

I contacted Canon Canada and they informed me that the G3 will be shipping in October for USA and November for Canada.
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Glad to hear it! Thanks for the reply!
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10/20 is the shipping date...
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In the Canon Digital Still Camera pantheon, just below their highly-advanced EOS Digital SLR professional cameras, you find the PowerShot G2 -- a 4 megapixel camera geared towards advanced photographers, with features that can take you from full automatic to full manual and everywhere in between. Joining the G2 this month -- and supplanting it as the top dog of the PowerShot line -- is the new Canon Powershot G3.

4 megapixel quality and easy-to-use design combined with numerous manual overrides for the artistic hands-on shooter made the G2 a favorite among discriminating photographers. The G3 brings all the good stuff and more -- more powerful zoom, more creative controls, more advanced processing technology.

New DIGIC Image Processor
Canon has developed a new Image Processor called DIGIC (Digital Imaging Integrated Circuit) which helps achieve higher picture quality by improving signal processing algorithms. Beyond higher picture quality, the new Image Processor also accounts for faster autofocus performance, improved overall processing speed and the ability of the camera to record movie clips with sound up to 3 minutes apiece at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a framing rate of 15 fps.

New iSAPS Technology
Another exclusive new Canon advancement is iSAPS Technology (Intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic Space). Over the past 60 years, Canon has accumulated a vast amount of photographic data and know-how, and amassed an enormous photographic database. Just as an experienced photographer's accumulated knowledge allows him to instinctively go to the right settings, iSAPS can "predict" certain camera settings such as focusing distance, exposure and optimum white balance based on zoom focal length, overall light level and tonal distribution data -- collective data that Canon refers to as "Photographic Space." Through iSAPS technology, the PowerShot G3 can analyze and calculate a scene just before the image is made and, in doing so, increase the speed and precision of the camera's autofocus, auto exposure and auto white balance.

More Zoom Power
Canon has extended the zoom range of the PowerShot G3 by incorporating a very fast 4x f/2.0-3.0 optical zoom lens -- a 35mm equivalent of 35-140mm (the G2 has a 3x zoom). Focusing of the lens is achieved with a rear-focusing method that moves only one lens element, minimizing the weight of the focusing component for greater focusing speed while reducing strain on the battery.
When you need to go beyond the G3's built-in zoom capabilities, you can attach the optional new WC-DC58N .7x wide-angle conversion lens for a 35mm equivalent of 24mm or zoom in to a 35mm equivalent of 240mm with the optional new TC-DC58N 1.75x tele converter. With the new wide and tele conversion lenses, G3 users now have an effective range of 24mm to 240mm (35mm equivalent), one of the longest optical focal length ranges of any point-and-shoot digital camera in the industry.

New FlexiZone Autofocus and Auto Exposure
The same extra data processing power that enables other new features such as DIGIC and extended-duration movie clips has also enabled Canon to incorporate a new Wide-Area FlexiZone autofocus system. The new FlexiZone system covers a much larger percentage of the picture area and greatly improves the G3's ability to find and autofocus off-center subjects quickly. The PowerShot G3 can also be set for 1-point central-area AF if desired.
The PowerShot G3 offers three light metering modes -- Evaluative, Center-Weighted Average, and Spot. When Spot metering is selected, the light metering point can be linked either to the AF frame or fixed to the center of the photo frame. With the G3, an arbitrary subject in the photo frame can be focused without changing the framing of the shot, regardless of where the subject is located in the frame.

G3 with Speedlite 420EX

Additional Flash Options
In normal shooting conditions, the camera controls the strength of the flash to obtain proper exposure of a scene or subject. However, depending on shooting conditions, it may not be possible to obtain optimal exposure or the user may wish to change the flash output to achieve a particular effect. To accommodate this, the PowerShot G3 has been designed so the flash output can be set manually. When using external flash units, the exposure can be adjusted in 1/3-stop intervals from full exposure to -4 stops. The built-in flash can be set to three levels -- weak, medium and full exposure.
Also, the PowerShot G3 now provides added support for the EOS Speedlite System and its dedicated accessories. The G3 is compatible with all EX-series Speedlites as well as Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX. Even more, the G3 adds compatibility with Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX as well as Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2. These accessories provide even greater flexibility and performance to the G3 for close-up and multiple flash photography, respectively.

New Interval Shooting
The PowerShot G3 is equipped with an Interval Shooting function that allows users to take a sequence of photographs over extended periods of time up to 100 hours. The camera can take from 2 to 100 frames at intervals up to 60 minutes apart. This is ideal for nature photographers who want to study animal habitats for research, or for use as a security camera. The intervalometer function can be used with the built-in flash as well as with EX-series Speedlites.

New Intelligent Orientation Sensor
An advanced new sensor lets the G3 know whether a picture is being taken horizontally or vertically. The camera's automatic exposure and white balance systems can recognize and properly compensate for bright skies in outdoor shots. In replay mode and during TV viewing, images are displayed correctly on the LCD monitor: no more tipping the camera this way and that. Orientation is also detected when printing directly, so that the date can be accurately inserted in the lower right corner, and the bundled software will also display images correctly on your computer screen.

Vari-Angle LCD Monitor
A returning favorite from the G2, PowerShot G3's big, bright LCD monitor conveniently flips out and angles to minimize reflection. The photographer can tilt it up or down to handle unusual shooting angles, and even rotate it completely to perfectly frame self-timer shots.

Improved AE and Focus Bracketing
In addition to conventional Auto Exposure Bracketing, the PowerShot G3 offers Focus Bracketing to further ensure proper focus of the main subject. Focus bracketing takes three consecutive shots, moving the focus position in front and behind the current position of the subject. The difference between each shot can be set to large, medium or small, allowing a fine focus position to be found which matches the photographer's intention even when precise focus positions are critical such as with macro photography.

Improved Intuitive Interface
Those familiar with the PowerShot G2 can immediately notice many of the improvements and refinements of the G3's exterior. In fact, positioning of the camera's control buttons on the G3 are similar to those found on Canon's EOS System cameras. The Command Dial, for example, is positioned precisely where the user's thumb would comfortably rest, making it fast and simple to change from one shooting mode to another. The new Main Dial, offered for the first time on a PowerShot camera, allows users to control the aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation, and is conveniently located just in front of the shutter button. All of the camera's primary functions have been repositioned to allow users to change camera settings quickly and easily, especially when in the manual mode.
A new one-touch reset lets you quickly and easily return to the default settings, no matter how many manual adjustments have been made.

New RAW Settings After Exposure
Even when the camera is set to record images in one of the JPEG settings, the PowerShot G3 now allows the captured image to be saved as an uncompressed RAW file before it is recorded. This feature can be accessed at any time during the Review period immediately after the image is captured, and is particularly useful when the white balance or other planned effects were not obtained, or when resolution, contrast, saturation or sharpening needs to be modified in the execution of the final image. RAW images can be processed after storage by means of the bundled software.
G3 with Card Photo Printer CP-100

Direct Print Capabilities
The Direct Print function has been added to the PowerShot G3 allowing users to create high-quality prints by connecting the camera directly to one of several Canon dye-sublimation and Bubble Jet Direct photo printers including the Card Photo Printers CP-10 and CP-100 and the S830D and S530D Bubble Jet Direct printers. Canon's Bubble Jet-series printers support Exif 2.2 for optimal print quality.
Other key improvements of the PowerShot G3 include a top shutter speed of 1/2000 second, improved Photo Effect function with the addition of a new custom position and improved power management.
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