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pellegrini Apr 8, 2004 9:06 AM

g5 auto focus
Hi. Can someone tell about the MF of G5? Is it good? Trustable?
And the noise? I saw the samples on SDC and like it. A friend of mine has one and show me some pics 13x18cm in 400 iso and couldn't notice the noise.


Greg Chappell Apr 8, 2004 1:53 PM

Trustable? Yes, if you set 10 feet on the scale you can trust it will definitely focus on 10 feet. Manual focus, as far as being able to focus manually through the LCD, can be challenging at best. Small adjustments are hard. I have a hard time judging whether I have it focused right or not. What I wind up doing is staying at the wide end of the zoom, setting the focus to 5 feet and using aperture priority at f5.6 (zone focus). Using those settings everything from just over two feet to virtually infinity is in focus. If I'm feeling really paranoid I use f8. At longer focal lengths depth of field significantly decreases, so your margin of error shrinks quite a bit. An advantage in using this type setup is there is virtually no lag time from the time you press the shutter release and the taking of the picture. It's almost as fast as shooting with a film camera because you have already set all the perameters that usually are what slows the digicams down.

Noise at ISO 50 is undetectable- really clean. At ISO 100 it's still very good. At ISO 200 it starts becoming annoying. At ISO 400 it's unacceptable for most uses, but I do sometimes like using the effect in portrait work or street shooting with the Black & White mode.

I've been able to make 8 1/2x 11 prints where I significantly cropped the image and had beautiful results, both with my i960 inkjet and through a traditional photo printer. Had I printed the full image the resulting print would have probably been somewhere between 11x14 and 16x20. I have no doubt a 16x20 print is very acceptable from this camera.

Here are some images I have recently made with my G5. Realize I have had to significantly shrink the file sizes of these images in order to post them to this website:

[email protected] Apr 8, 2004 3:21 PM

I don't trust any form of manual focus on any lens that doesn't have the manual focusing ring...period... :(

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