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Default G5 lcd upside-down?

ijust bought a g5 that has been "recertified". the price was right so what the hell. the only complaint i have is the lcd seems to be upside-down . when it is facing out at the back it looks good straight on but from an angle slightly above the camera it is very dark and hard to see. from below it is bright but still not too bad. most of the time i use the lcd i hold the camera straight out from my face just below my eyes so i have to angle the camera up a little to be aimed straight out. at this angle the lcd is dark. in order to see the lcd clearly i have to hold the camera close to my face and straight out from my eyes. i would rather be holding it at abought shoulder level. if it was installed the other way it would just be a little bright. are all g5 this way?
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I'm not sure what you mean by the "lcd is upside down." Do you mean the picture on the LCD screen appears upside down?

I have a G5, too. If the camera is held lower or higher than eye level (or to the left or right of your eyes), you can tilt the LCD monitor to a different position so that it is easier to see. If I leave the LCD so it is flush with the camera, and then hold it above or below my eyes, I will not be able to see the image very well. With most cameras, this would be an issue. With the articulating screen on the G5, you can elliminate this from being a problem by adjusting the screen.

The only thing I can think of for the LCD being "upside down" is when you turn it to face the front of the camera. at one point, as you are rotating it forward, the camera adjusts the image so it will appear right side up when you view it from the front. To do this, it must flip the image. But, it doesn't seem to do this at an angle that I would be using if I were looking at it from the back of the camera anyway, so I don't see how that would be a problem.
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the image is the right way up. it has to do with the properties of the lcd. from one angle the image appears dark and the other it appears light. i just figure they should have installed the lcd so it is light from above and dark from below. its not really that big of a deal since as you know you can position the screen. i was just wondering if they are all this way.
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