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I have been an amateur (film) SLR user for years. Want to move into the digital world. Thought about going digital SLR, but am willing to give up some flexiblity for small size and ease of use. Unless somebody has a better recommendation, I have limited choice to the G5 or the S60 (or S50). Any recommendations out there?

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I've been very happy with my S50 and can recommend it whole-heartedly.
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Some of the advantages of the G-5 over the s60 would probably be the hot shoe, stronger flash, faster lens (2.0 vs. 2.8),and swing out lcd viewfinder, on the other hand the s60 has wide angle (28mm instead of 35mm), a lot handier, and probably a faster shutter.

I had my eyes on the G-5 at first but settled on the A-80 instead because of the very attractive price. It's almost as capable as the G-5, uses AA batteries (One of the primary reasons I settled for it) rather than proprietary ones (expensive) for hundreds of dollars less.

Also a lot of reviews pointed out that the G-5 has more noise than its predecessor, the G-3 because of packing 5 rather than 4 mp onto the same 1/1.8 ccd, ergo for the s60 I would presume, thus making 4 mp better in this case?? (Would have to ask the experts about this.)

So far I've been very happy with my A80, and would recommend it.

PS: Both the G5 and S60 writes RAW, which the A80 does not. Another consideration.
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I recommend the s60 over the s50

alsofor comparisn check out here.


weight and price are alsokey factors with the g5 nearly twice as heavy.
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