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I have not read anyone saying anything about focusing problems with the G6, but my new G6 seems to have trouble finding the focus spot. Maybe 1 out of 5 shots is way out of focus. It's at it's worst in the full Auto mode and better in the P-mode.

Anyone have any related problems or know of any Firmware updates or fixes?

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Yes, I also found focussing problems, especially at macro-shots, where every second or third trial runs off.

One has to take into consideration that there are two focussing modes, from which to choose: The "artificial intelligence" mode, where the camera scans the sensor field and decides by itself, where to focus. Usually the camera shows a few green rectangles, indicating where it takes weight in focussing. This seems to run off track sometimes.

The other focussing mode has only one rectangle in the center of the display and no artificial intelligence. This mode does not display a mind of itself, but follows your wishes bette.

All this is briefly described on page 89 of the manual.

I am still observing this and would like to continue the discussion. My e-mail is [email protected].
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Thanks for the feedback. I'll see if the spot focus is better. I'm having trouble finding anything to replace it with. The only thing near is the Oly. C8080, but that's a bit more money. I have about 10 more days to play around with it before my return window shuts.
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The G5 I owned focused just fine almost always when at the wide angle end of the zoom range, but almost never did indoors when I zoomed to the telephoto end. If you are having problems, especially indoors, test and see if your problem is mainly concentrated on the tele end of the zoom. If so, you need to stay on the wide angle end of the zoom when indoors. A pain, I know, but the darm G5 I owned simply refused in most cases to achieve AF indoors if I was zoomed to the tele end.

It does not help that the camera doesn't allow the infrared focus beam of Canon's EX flash units to operate and my G5's own built-in AF "assist" light was pretty much useless beyond 3-5 feet indoors when zoom to the tele end. The EX flashes infrared assist would have fixed the problem, but it must be too obvious, so Canon chooses to ignore the problem and it continues on the G6. I've read about reasons as to why the infrared light could not be utilized. My answer to those excuses is BS- if they wanted it to work Canon could figure out a way to make it work.
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