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Default General question about EXIF

Hello, I would like to ask if any of you knows if EXIF data contains certain information about the camera's serial number. I am trying to prove that a certain JPG image was taken with certain camera (Canon A610). I have submitted some pictures in original size that have leaked and now I want to sue 'random' guy that got the pictures and used it without my permission. So we both have the original files and I have the camera that took the pictures. Is it possible to prove that I am the author of the pictures if I have the device that took them ?
Thanks in advance for any useful information
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Not that I'm aware of, however I'm guessing you have the rest of the files taken on the same camera both before and after the photo in question. This is something he/she won't have.

I'm not sure about the legal standing of this or what can be done, the costs etc to make it worth while.

I would be interested to find out how things progress as it's not one I've come across before.
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It depends on the camera and the manufacturer.

The standard Exif fields don't have a listing for Serial number, but it's possible for a camera manufacturer to put that info into the metadata (called the MarkerNote tag).

So, some cameras can and do embed their serial numbers into the image, but that's usually higher end cameras (like the Canon EOS line), and particularly cameras that let you shoot RAW. On a point and shoot, like the A610 that you have, you may be out of luck. But like Mark1616 suggested, if you have some other shots from the location and time period that the other person doesn't have, that might help.

Does the other guy own an A610? At least the model number should be in EXIF, and you could maybe nail him there.

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My Canon (DSLR) always write serial number in EXIF

But this is worth NOTHING! You can change ALL in EXIF !

Instead serial number I even can write "Jesus loves you" or "Dagobert's cam No.066666666"

I think there are a few special cameras, which are "prove safe", they write encrypted "unchangeable" EXIFs

My DSLRs also write copy right into EXIF


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Some Canon cameras allow you to identify the camera with some unique information you can define such as camera owner using the Canon Camera Window software but as has been pointed out already, this can be changed easily by anyone so that would prove nothing. I use a program called cam2PC for downloading pictures and this program lets you view AND modify any EXIF parameter, including file dates (EXIF and actual file system reported created and modified dates).

The A610 has this camera owner parameter in its EXIF. I have this camera myself and all pictures taken with it have my name in their EXIF data. But then again, trying to prove it after the fact is a bit difficult.
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Simple answer: Yes, there are EXIF editors.

Sarah Joyce
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