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I have decided to get an Canon G6 and just had a message from 'Santa' that it's been ordered!

I have a couple of questions - if you'd be so kind!

(1) It's coming from the US so I need to do something about the charger. Does the charger have a separate wire from the charger to the plug socket, that I could replace - or do I need a whole UK unit? I've seen one advertised for about £20 which is a proper Canon one and probably worth ordering IMO.

(2) Do I definitely need an extra battery? What mAh number is good if I order a compatible would 1200 be okay or is 1500 WAY better?

(3) I also need to get a larger compact flash card. Would there be any advantage in getting CF II over CF I or vice versa? What speed should I get so I can take one photo quickly after another? Is 512MB a good size?

Thanks in advance!
K x :-)
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i have the Rebel which uses the same battery as the G series so i would think that they would use the same charging equipment.

and i have good news...

it has the seperate wire tothe charger, so all you need is a replacement cable or a plug adapter because the box supports 100-240V and 60/50Hz
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I've just bought a G6 in the UK, so I can probably answer some of your questions.

The charger is a separate little box with its own mains lead, which plugs in via a 'figure-of-eight' connector, so you will be able to obtain a suitable lead.

The supplied battery charges fully from flat in around 90 minutes. I guess the battery will give several days shooting under normal circumstances. If you decide to carry a spare, more mAh are always better!

The G6 only takes CF type I. If you are planning to shoot continuously i.e. for sports shots, then obviously a fast card is essential. Canon quote 163 pics at Large Superfine on a 512Mb card.

Hope this helps

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Old Dec 17, 2004, 12:04 PM   #4
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the canon g6 does take compact flash II to as well as the G5, it can take over a gig including a microdrive.....


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Old Dec 18, 2004, 9:29 PM   #5
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1200 mA-h is pretty good already .. you can get lots of shots out of that one. Depends whether it's day time or night time etc though. If you have to use the flash a lot, then it could cut down the number of photos you can take by a fair bit. But the bigger the battery capacity...the better. Should just go for the most capacity you can afford. When I bought my g6, I bought an extra BP-511 battery. Then I bought a spare charger from Battery Barn. Even though it takes only an hour or maybe 45 mins for 1 of these batteries to charge up, I always like to have 2 batteries and 2 chargers. In that way, I don't have to worry about loading each battery into a single charger. I just charge the two batteries at the same time...no fuss at all.
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Old Dec 19, 2004, 2:20 PM   #6
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~ The battery life should be pretty decent. If you don't use the LCD, alot,or Continuous Focusing you should be good. Ionly have one battery for my G5 (never got around to getting another one:?) and I'vehad the camera for about a year now! The battery life has been been EXCELLENT and beyond my expectations! It never hurts to have a spare battery. Go for the 512or 1 G Compact Flash. If you can get the Type II.~

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Thanks guys!

My main concern is I will be using the camera to shoot Rock concerts. I take snap after snap after snap (mostly with no flash and through viewfinder) for a good 30 mins, then bits and pieces through the rest of the show.

What speed card should I look for to enable me to snap away without waiting and will the regular battery stand this easy enough?


K x
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