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The Photo Tuell Aug 27, 2003 2:54 AM

(Good) Concert photography is hard
Some friends came through town this weekend and I took some pictures. I usually do bright outdoor landscapes, not dark nightclubs, so this was a challenge. Now I really understand the need for fast lenses and good high ISO quality for certain subjects. ;)

First night I just did pre-show shots with flash (420 EX) and they came out pretty clear, but the lighting is flat compared to shots with no flash.

Here's one with the flash:

Next night the lighting was a bit better so I took a bunch of ambient light shots and got a few decent ones. These are handheld at varying ISO (hmm ISO doesn't seem to show up in the EXIF), mostly 100.

Some shots came out fairly clear, but sometimes blur is a good thing. I like this one:

Here's another shot that I like:

Overall the G3 did well, but a 'real' camera with a decent lens would do better with ISO 800 or 1600 of course.

Nawoo Aug 27, 2003 5:04 PM

The G3 did pretty well for my GooGooDolls concert too

I shot at ISO400 the whole time.
Pictures were abit grainy so thats where a DSLR comes into play

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