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leniejame48 Jan 8, 2021 9:19 AM

Good lenses to start out with on a Canon
Hello all! So I've been wondering what kind of lenses I should start off with on a Canon. If it matters, my DSLR is a crop sensor (APS-C). I've borrowed my friend's 50mm 1.8 before and I liked it a lot but, I have a bit more money now and I want something better than the 1.8. Also, to be more specific, the price range would be around $300 to $500. If you have a number of lenses to list, please list the lens that you'd recommend over the others as the first lens. Thank you!

Ozzie_Traveller Jan 9, 2021 1:56 AM

G'day mate

It is impossible to suggest any lens without knowing what it is that you want to use it for

However if you want a do-it-all sort of lens while you get a year or two under your belt, contemplate an 18-200 -or- an 18-400 if your eye looks further away for subjects

Hope this helps

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