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kex Jul 28, 2003 11:05 AM

Gosh! I love it! (Canon A60)
Hello out there.
I'm new here and I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new Canon A60.
I used to have a Fuji 2650 before, but I couldn't adjust things like the shutter, lightning and all that stuff with that cam.
That's completely different with the Canon A60. You can almost adjust anything with that cam, and that's why I really love that cam. Additionally the cam provides some cool programs like the panorama function.
Okay. without a tripod you can almost forget trying to make a panorama, but today I got a tripod and tried the whole thing out. It's just fantastic!

One more thing I really like about that cam is the good macro mode.
It's far better than the one of my old cam.
The objects you are focusing with the cam is exactly as sharp as you can see it on the lcd after using the AF. But the background is quiet blured. Of course you can adjust that too, but I like it that way.

I bought the cam here in germany, where I life, inclulding a 128 MB CF Card + 8 rechargable batteries + Recharger for 300 altogether.
And this cam is really worth its price!
Go grab it if you're planing to buy one!
Maybe I'll post some images here when I collected some. BUt you can do loads of cool stuff with that cam.
Just one thing: Can anyone tell me some good settings for landscapes? In the P mode, they're not quiet sharp, but okay.
*eeerm* okay. that's it so far. ;)

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