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greenfieldja Dec 30, 2003 10:16 PM

Had similar problem with my A80
I have an A80 which I had a similar problem with. What I suspect might be happening is this...and please correct me if I am wrong. My assumption is that your blurred shots were shot in-doors. The auto funtion of the camera is selecting an appropriate shutter speed and aperature to correctly expose your subject given the parameter built into your camera. By parameters I mean that the camera has a limited number of F-stops while also having a decent range of shutter speeds. The camera's auto mode is probably setting a shutter speed slow enough that any movement of the camera in the fraction of a second the shutter is open is translated to the captured image. Check out what the shutter speed/aperature is of the blurred shot by toggling the display functions in review mode. Try putting your camera in Tv mode (shutter priority) and select a faster shutter speed when shooting indoors, the camera will adjust the aperature accordingly. The caveat to this is your shots will most likely come out darker than you wish. This is easily corrected using a decent photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop after dloading the image to your computer.

greenfieldja Dec 30, 2003 10:19 PM

Oops this was supposed to be a reply to KOLARS post
hit the new topic button instead of the reply button to KOLARS post about his G5 auto mode problem.

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