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Does anybody know Canons return policy? I have sent my camera in three times, every time I get it back saying it is fixed and it is not. I am really looking for them to send me a new one so I can sell it for more money(I obviously do not like canon anymore). But this last time I sent it in, they called saying the problems are ment to be there(yea right, they could not have told me that before). I think they are just taking advantage of me because I took it to the store I purchased it at and they told me the problems are definately problems. In fact she showed me a display product(the same camera; S1 IS) and the problems did not exist on that one. How can I get canon to fix this mess? Help!!
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I'm not sure anyone on this board can tell you how to get Canon to help you. Maybe if you post what specific problems you're having others with the S1Is can tell you if they have the same problems and if they in fact consider them to be problems. Today's digital cameras can be complicated. There might be a setting or two that will solve your problem. That could be why the display model didn't behave the same way. Your post is really vague. You're basically saying "Help me, make Canon replace my camera.", and you're giving no specifics, no details on what problems you're having, no specifics about what Canon has or hasn't said and done. Either give us a clue, or get one yourself.
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